Submissions from 2023


Structurally Competent Healthcare and Health Inequities, James Meza

A Paradigm Shift in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tendinopathy, John Morasso

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: A Lifelong Pursuit of Excellence, Karen Weaver and Pradeep Kaminoulu

Submissions from 2022


A Lesson Learned From Mounting A Motorcycle, Joseph Friedli, Tyler Drewry, Nobin Kottukapally, and Carolyn Landsberg

COVID pandemic: Reflecting and coping, Lori A. Lackman-Zeman


Self-Reflections on Culture and Medicine: Exploration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, James Meza, Jianming Lau, and Scott Yaekle

Developing Psychometric Scales using Ethnography for Domain Analysis of Social Constructs, James P. Meza


Google Translate "Schwartzfahrer" and the exploration of racism and belonging in a different culture, James P. Meza, Daniel Tanbakuchi, Robin Zehner, Andrea Daniel, and Jianming Lau


Scholarly Activity and Academic Writing for Practicing Clinicians, James P. Meza, Nicholus H. Yee, Ethan O. Cohen, Milan V. Pantelic, Thomas Przybycien, Tyler Russeth, Krupa Patel, and Scott Baughan

Submissions from 2021

Destress From Your Desk: Stress Management and Self-Care, Jennifer D. Kowalkowski

Mental Health Impact on Heart Health, Jennifer D. Kowalkowski

Communities Talk: A Conversation to Promote Underage Drinking Prevention, Jennifer D. Kowalkowski and L Smith


Protege Effect: Behavioral Health-Procedural Skills in a Family Medicine Residency, Jennifer Kowalkowski, Stephen J. Warnick, and Devan Dykstra


Does Losing 5-7% of a Prediabetic’s Body Weight While Completing the Diabetes Prevention Program Decrease ASCVD Risk?, Molly Kucera, T Marchewka, and A Craib


Treatment of Pain and Recognizing and Treating Addiction, Adam Shammami, Nadia Aneese, and Mark Loush


Help! My Patient has Anxiety and I Only Have 20 Minutes: Brief Interventions and Medication Options, Stephen J. Warnick and Jennifer Kowalkowski

Submissions from 2020

Diabetes prevention program - lifestyle change and decrease in ASCVD risk, Molly Kucera

Submissions from 2017


Developing faculty educators: Using the STFM residency faculty fundamentals certificate program to empower your faculty, David D. Lick