Submissions from 2023

Data Science, Population Genomics, Dave Chesla and Ramin Homayouni

Clinical Research Operations, Yvonne Edgerly and Barbara Higgins

Industry Clinical Trial Budget Hot Topics, Joseph Fugitt and Richard Kennedy

An Epimetabolomics Approach to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease, Stewart Graham

Current Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease, Stewart Graham

Alzheimers and dementia care: The increasing need for early diagnosis. Elder Care Review, Stewart F. Graham

Things Your Mother Never Told You About Research Billing Compliance, Kyle Herrington

Machine Learning Using Clinical Notes: Applications in Population Health, Ramin Homayouni

New Advancements in Alzheimer's Disease Treatment, Khaled A. Imam and Stewart F. Graham

GME Research, Shanta Layton and David Sengstock

Targeting plaque-associated lysosomal cluster for diagnosis and therapeutic intervention for Alzheimer's disease, Md Golam Sharoar

Epi-Metabolomics: An Extended Central Dogma Investigation of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Sangeetha Vishweswaraiah

Submissions from 2022


Metabolic perturbations in Parkinson’s disease, Stewart F. Graham

Population Health: Using Data Analytics to Customize Interventions & Improve Health Outcomes, Ramin Homayouni

Grant Proposal Development & Submission, Brandy Jurdzy and Pamela Sims

Monitoring the Health of a Study, Shanta Layton, Yvonne Edgerly, Barbara Higgins, and Karen Sherer

IRB Collaboration & Building a Future Together, Jessica Macha and Lynne Paul

Overview of Research, Paula Schuitemen-Bishop, Surender Rajasekaran, and Richard Kennedy

Role of Biostatistics in Medical Research, Lili Zhao