DNP Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice

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DNP Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice



This core text for the DNP curriculum explores the historical and evolving advanced practice doctoral role as envisioned by leading DNP scholars and educators. The distinctive point-counterpoint format--consisting of commentaries that dispute or support the opinions of chapter authors--provides a foundation of varying opinions that stimulate vigorous critical dialogue. The second edition examines the latest developments in doctoral-level roles along with the specific skills that advance these roles. Seven completely new chapters examine the meaning of nursing roles that reflect how they are evolving in a variety of environments.

In addition to exploring in depth the basic roles of the DNP graduate, this new edition strengthens the primary DNP role--that of a clinical scholar. Highlighting the diverse range of views on the DNP mission, the book reflects on DNP competencies and focuses heavily on the variety of skills that are required to operationalize these competencies, including leadership, negotiation skills, leveraging technology to support practice, and others. New critical thinking exercises are included that are designed to expand the boundaries of ordinary classroom discourse.



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New York, NY


Nurse practitioners, Advanced Practice Nursing, Nurse's Role, Career, Nursing, Education




DeNisco S, Bellini S, Hranchook AM, Johnson LA. When the DNP chair is a DNP graduate: The DNP in the academic role: Reflective response 1. In: Dreher HM, Smith-Glasgow ME, editors. DNP role development for doctoral advanced nursing practice. 2nd ed. New York: Springer Publishing, 2017. p.521-523.

DNP Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice