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Since the inception of external fixation, there have been many modifications to the utilization of the devices, including the size. The minirail external fixator has evolved since the usage for bracymetatarsia into more complex devices. In the podiatric patient population, there are many comorbidities encountered such as diabetes, idiopathic neuropathy, and smoking. In the diabetic neuropathic population the purpose of use of the minirail external fixator was to provide additional stability as a mini-superconstruct as per Sammarco principles. An additional benefit of the fixator is the option of removing the pins if there are any signs of infection. The purpose of this case series is to exhibit the benefit and myriad of uses of the minirail external fixator in high-risk patient population.

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Neurology | Podiatry


2023 Alvin Yarrows Research Day at Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills, Farmington Hills, MI, May 4, 2023.

Applications of  Minirail External Fixator in Arthrodesis Foot Surgery for the High-Risk Patient Population A Case Series