Submissions from 2021

Diffuse Sarcoidosis, Katherine Corwin, Jesse Dewey, and Michael Mahon

Widespread Morphea Development Following Pembrolizumab Therapy, Katrina Hansen, Dominique Jacobs, and Howard Lipkin

Erythema Multiforme Major: Targetoid Mucocutaneous Eruption in the Setting of COVID-19 Viral Infection and Chemotherapeutic Treatment for Bladder Cancer, Nedyalko Ivanov, Lynn Sikorski, and Michael Mahon

An Irregular-Appearing Verrucous, Vascular Growth Presenting on the Leg of a 26-Year Old Female, Amanda F. Nahhas, Heidi Kurn, Julie Pfeifle, Eric Seiger, and Sean Stephenson

Pruritic Papular Eruption of HIV: A Cutaneous Manifestation of Advanced Immunosuppression, Brittany Valk, Michael Mahon, and Annette LaCasse

Cutaneous Syncytial Myoepithelioma: A Rare Dermal Tumor and Clinicopathologic Mimicker, Brittany Valk, Vixey Silva, Michelle Dawson, and Stephen Olsen

Submissions from 2020


Laugier-Hunziker Syndrome: A Case of a Rare Pigmentary Disorder, Katrina Hansen, Eden Roth, and Annette LaCasse