“Vanishing Act” Anterior STEMI Injury after Reperfusion and SuperSaturated Oxygen Therapy (SSO2) in an Electrically Unstable Patient

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A previously healthy man in his late 30s, who had a history of tobacco use and intermittent chest pain for 2 days, with the pain worsening over the prior 3 hours, was brought by emergency medical services (EMS) to our emergency department. The patient appeared ill and diaphoretic. An electrocardiogram (ECG) was obtained and confirmed anterolateral STEMI. Vital signs were normal. The cardiac catheterization lab was activated emergently. Morphine and ondansetron were given via intravenously (IV) for symptom relief, along with 324 mg of aspirin, 180 mg of ticagrelor, and 4,000 units of IV heparin. While awaiting transport to the cath lab, the patient developed sustained ventricular tachycardia, which was successfully cardioverted at 300 J to normal sinus rhythm.


The SCAI Scientific Sessions 2023, Zoll Fellows Competition, May 19, 2023, Phoenix AZ