Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

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In this case we present a 14 year-old non-verbal & uncooperative patient with history of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. This patient was found to have severe abdominal distension that was secondary-to gastric volvulus (diagnosed on imaging). Due to concerns for aspiration on induction, extra consideration regarding airway management was taken. Contraindications and/or difficulties due to the patients condition made a regular induction, RSI with succinylcholine, & the use of an awake fibr-optic technique a challenge. In this case we will discuss Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, management of a patient with gastric volvulus, & challenges with the uncooperative patient.


American Society of Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology 2019. Orlando, FL. October 19-23, 2019. Abstract.