Dural AV Fistula

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Dural AV fistulas are vascular malformations caused by anomalous flow between an artery supplying the dura mater and the dural sinuses. This can lead to complications including hydrocephalus, potential rupture, and hemorrhage. This case discusses a 45-year-old male who presented with blurred vision, headache, and right sided sensory changes with optic nerve swelling and retinal hemorrhages. Cerebral angiogram demonstrated an extensive dural AV fistula, venous congestion, hydrocephalus and midline shift. Neurosurgery planned staged ligation of arterial feeders. Here we will discuss risks associated with and anesthetic management of vascular neurosurgical cases including potential hemorrhage and management of ICP.


American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 12-16, 2023, San Francisco, CA