Perioperative Anesthesia Management for Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment of Eagle Syndrome

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Eagle syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterized by calcification of the stylohyoid ligament or elongation of the styloid process. While the majority of patients with this condition are asymptomatic, some individuals experience recurrent pain of the face and oropharynx. Additionally, patients may present with a spectrum of clinical manifestations including tinnitus, dysphagia, globus sensation, and more. This project features a 50-year-old female with a past medical history of eagle syndrome, hypertension, morbid obesity, dyslipidemia, subclinical hypothyroidism who presented for right transcervical styloidectomy. We aim to explore considerations for airway management in those undergoing surgical treatment of Eagle syndrome


American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 12-16, 2023, San Francisco, CA