In The Dark: Anesthetic Implications Of Using Gleolan For Intracranial Surgery

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n 81-year-old female was scheduled to undergo left craniotomy for tumor resection using aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride (Gleolan) for intraoperative visualization. Gleolan is an optical imaging agent used in glioma surgery that highlights tumor cells. Gleolan renders the patient exquisitely photosensitive and has a short window of activity. Patients must drink it 4 hours prior to surgery and then remain in a dark environment for 48-72 hours. Coordination between perioperative teams is crucial in the use of this new technology. I plan to discuss the anesthetic implications and timing of perioperative procedures in the patient undergoing intracranial surgery with Gleolan.


American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 21-25, 2022.