Emergent Aortic Root Replacement In A Patient With Marfan Syndrome

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This is a 27-year-old male with a past medical history of Marfan syndrome. His aortic root was known to be moderately dilated, measuring 4.1cm at the sinuses of valsalva. The patient was given physical activity restrictions, with recommendations to consider aortic root replacement if measurement approaches 4.5cm. He presented to the hospital with complaints of mild chest pain that radiated to his throat. The patient was found to have a Type A aortic dissection and underwent an emergent David’s procedure. With this presentation, we will discuss elective and emergent aortic root replacement in patients with Marfan syndrome, and perioperative management of both.


American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 21-25, 2022.