Submissions from 2023


Pelvic Fracture Urethral Trauma– Going with the Flow, Frank Burks


Dr. Hafron discusses the use of oral Relugolix in prostate cancer, Jason M. Hafron


Dr. Hafron highlights SPOTLIGHT data on flotufolastat F 18 in prostate cancer, Jason M. Hafron

What's New in Urinary Tract Infections: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Management, Christopher Jaeger

PSA Screening: To Test or Not to Test, That is the Question, Joshua Palka

Radiation-Induced Fibrosis in the Bladder, Bernadette Zwaans

Using Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning to Develop Diagnostic Test for Interstitial Cystitis, Bernadette Zwaans

Submissions from 2022

Trauma/Reconstruction/Diversion: External Genitalia Reconstruction and Urotrauma (including Transgender Surgery), Frank Burks

Ureteral Repair, Frank Burks

Debate: First Line Medical Therapy for a 60 Year Old Female with OAB-Beta Agonists Versus Anticholinergics, Michael Chancellor

COVID Associated Cystitis (CAC), Michael B. Chancellor

Testosterone Treatment for Hypogonadism and Aging-Related Prostate Gland Diseases: Evidence-Based New Approach, Ananias Diokno


Make a Wish: Happy Birthday Bladder Candle, Alexander Geisenhoff, Mit Shah, and Megan Schober

Trigger Point Injections for Pelvic Pain, Jason Gilleran

When Neuromodulation Stops Working – A Case-Based Approach to Troubleshooting the Patient, the Practitioner and the Device, Jason P. Gilleran, Kathleen C. Kobashi, Colin M. Goudelocke, and Aqsa A. Khan

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments: The Large Urology Group Practice Model, Jason Hafron


Comparison of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events Risk with Androgen Deprivation Therapy by Personal History of Cardiovascular Diseases using Real World Data, Jason Hafron, Deborah Boldt-Houle, and Stuart Atkinson


A 66-Year-Old-Man with Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Jason M. Hafron


Dr. Hafron explains the benefits of Jelmyto in UTUC since its approval, Jason M. Hafron


Dr. Hafron highlights the most significant prostate cancer treatment advances in 2022, Jason M. Hafron

Balloon Debate: Management of Asymptomatic 1 cm Lower Pole Stone: Shockwave Lithotripsy, William K. Johnston III


Freeing Up Your Hands during Endourology, William K. Johnston III

Innovation, Development, Experiments, Assessment (IDEA) Research Forum: CystoAssist's Role in Reducing Ureteral Trauma and Increasing Stentless Ureteroscopy., William K. Johnston III

Pain Relief After Ureterocopy: Listen to the MUSIC, William K. Johnston III


ISOPSA: Clinical Performance of a Single Parameter, Structure Based Test for High Grade Prostate Cancer Unaffected by 5-ARI and A-Blocker Medications, Eric Klein, Alan Partin, Yair Lotan, Jack Baniel, Martin Dineen, Jason Hafron, Kannan Manickam, Marc Pliskin, Matthew Wagnet, and AO Zhang


Successful Treatment of Symptomatic Cystitis Glandularis Presenting as Bladder Mass, with COX-2 Inhibitor: A Case Report, Bilal Muhammad and Kenneth Peters

COVID Associated Cystitis (CAC): Neuromodulation for Neurogenic Bladder, Priya Padmanabhan

Evaluation & Management of Female Incontinence, Priya Padmanabhan

Urodynamics/Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction/Female Pelvic Medicine: Non-Neurogenic Voiding Dysfunction II, Priya Padmanabhan

Urological Complications of Gynecological Surgery, Priya Padmanabhan

Beaumont Urology Research - Improving Patient Care Through Innovation, Kenneth Peters

Pudendal Neuromodulation: Diagnosis and Management of Pelvic Pain, Kenneth Peters


Standardizing the Pelvic Floor Exam: Is It Reproducible and Durable?, Ly Hoang Roberts, Bernadette Zwaans, Daniel T. Fortney, Steven A. Kessler, Hailey Eisner, Lauren E. Tennyson, Kenneth M. Peters, and Larry T. Sirls


The Incidence of New or Worsening OAB Symptoms in Patients with Prior SARS COV-2 Infection, Ly Hoang Roberts, Bernadette Zwaans, and Priya Padmanabhan


Treatment of unfavorable intermediate risk prostate cancer, Ashley Ross, Jason Hafron, and Katie Murray


Urinary cytokines as potential biomarkers of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease: a pilot study, Nazia Saiyed Saiyed, Ali Yilmaz, Sangeetha Vishweswariah, Sarah Bartolone, Tammy Osentoski, Stacey Ruff, Amita Pai, Michael Maddens, Khaled Imam, and Stewart F. Graham

Anatomic Study of Pelvic Floor Injections, Larry Sirls

Combined Clinical Risk score-based thresholds across National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) intermediate risk patients with prostate cancer, Jonathan D. Tward, Lauren Lenz, Adam Cole, Jason Hafron, Edward Uchio, Robert Finch, Sarah Tatzel, Thomas Slavin, and Todd Cohen

Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of TAR-200 in Patients with Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Who Refused or Were Unfit for Curative-Intent Therapy: A Phase 1 study, Mark D. Tyson, David Morris, Juan Palou, Marie Carmen Mir, Rian J. Dickstein, Felix Guerrero-Ramos, and Jason M. Hafron


Implantable Neuromodulation in the Setting of Neurgenic Bladder: Single-Institution Experience, Annah Vollstedt, Brett Friedman, Ly Hoang Roberts, Hailey Eisner, Jason P. Gilleran, Kenneth M Peters, and Priya Padmanabhan

Cancer Survivorship in Older Urologic Patients: Issues After Pelvic Radiation, Bernadette Zwaans

The Effect of Radiation on Aging Hallmarks, Inflammation and Fibrosis, in Bladder Function, Bernadette Zwaans

Submissions from 2021


Dr. Chancellor discusses novel regenerative therapy for recurrent SUI, Michael B. Chancellor


Around the Practice: Improving Outcomes in Advanced Prostate Cancer, Raoul S. Concepcion, Jason M. Hafron, Daniel P. Petrylak, Oliver Sartor, and Leonard G. Gomella

Urgency, Frequency and Pelvic Pain: Looking Beyond the Bladder, Jason Gilleran and Laura Krasean


Developing a Point-of-Risk Test for Novel Coronavirus 2019, Laura E. Lamb