Impact at 20 Years: IVUmed by the Numbers

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For the last 20 years, IVUmed has worked in low-resource areas with the mission to make quality urological care accessible worldwide. Through onsite surgical workshops centered on a teach-the-teacher approach, the work of IVUmed has transitioned from refining how to deliver surgical education in low-resource settings to supporting the establishment of regional training programs that are sustainable and meet the needs of local medical providers and patients. With an initial focus on pediatric urologic care, the services of IVUmed have gradually adapted to meet several site-specific needs across multiple urologic subspecialties. Our objective was to characterize the volume and scope of IVUmed work over the course of this organization’s history.


Retrospective review of an administrative database was conducted for records from 2000 to 2020. Data included site information, clinic and surgical volume, training focus, personnel involvement, and volunteer hours. JMP SAS was used for statistical analysis and figure generation.


Since 2000, IVUmed has led 292 workshops in 39 countries across four continents. A total of 104,805 hours were collectively volunteered by 3024 doctors, 1068 nurses, 104 residents, and 559 other volunteers towards the service of 11,297 patients and the completion of 7,540 surgeries. 211 unique individuals have served as team leaders, with 45 individuals serving this role more than once. From 2000-2005 to 2015-2020, the volume in number of surgeries has grown by almost a factor of four. The workshop focus has diversified over this time, from being majority pediatrics to now 30% pediatrics, 29% reconstruction, 12% oncology, 8% female and including specific workshops in endourology and laparoscopy.


The volume and scope of services provided by IVUmed has significantly expanded over the last two decades. Future studies will center on the evaluation of surgeries performed, long-term outcomes, and sustained effect at partner sites to better define strategies for continued access to urologic care world-wide.




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