Pudendal Neuromodulation is Feasible and Effective After Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Surgery.

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Journal of Sexual Medicine


BACKGROUND: Patients with intractable pain in the pudendal nerve distribution may benefit from pudendal neuromodulation; however, some may have previously undergone pudendal nerve entrapment surgery (PNES), potentially altering nerve anatomy and function.

AIM: We examined pudendal neuromodulation outcomes in patients with prior PNES.

METHODS: Patients with a history of PNES and quadripolar, tined pudendal lead placement for urogenital pain were reviewed. Symptoms and outcomes were collected from existing medical records.

OUTCOMES: Patients with pudendal neuromodulation and prior PNES were compared to patients with no prior PNES who had pudendal lead placement.

RESULTS: Fifteen patients with a history of 1, 2, or 3 prior PNES (n = 13, 1, and 1, respectively) were evaluated. Most (10; 67%) were female, with bilateral pain (9; 60%), and symptoms of 5-26 years. After trialing the lead, bladder symptoms and pain were improved in 8 of 12 and 9 of 14 patients, respectively, and 80% of patients (12/15) underwent permanent generator implantation. When prior PNES patients were compared to those with no prior PNES (n = 43), gender (67% vs 77% female; P = .50) and age (median 63 vs 58 years; P = .80), were similar; however, BMI differed (mean 24 vs 29; P = .008) and a lower proportion (12/15; 80% vs 42/43; 98%; P = .049) had generator implantation. Importantly, median lead implant time (48 vs 50 minutes; P = .65) did not differ between the 2 groups.

CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: Pudendal neuromodulation has the potential to provide pain relief for a very difficult-to-treat population; furthermore, it does not appear that prior PNES surgery made lead placement significantly more challenging.

STRENGTHS & LIMITATIONS: Study strengths include being a tertiary referral center for urogenital pain and having a single surgeon perform all procedures in a regimented way. Limitations include the retrospective study design, small sample size and various approaches to PN CONCLUSION: Chronic pudendal neuromodulation can be a viable option even after prior PNES. Kristen M. Meier, Patrick M. Vecellio, Kim A. Killinger, Judith A. Boura, Kenneth M. Peters. Pudendal Neuromodulation is Feasible and Effective After Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Surgery. J Sex Med 2022;19:995-1001.





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