Submissions from 2023

The aftermath of a Trauma, Felicia Ivascu

Bariatric Surgery: A Review of Operations and Long-Term Management, Abby Navratil

Using aTargeted Needs Assessment to Identify Barriers to Resident Robotic Console Time in a General Surgery Residency, Bradley Perry, Kathryn Howard, Nathan M. Novotny, Anthony Iacco, Felicia Ivascu, and Ngan Nguyen

Advanced Wound Care, Megan Tasker

Submissions from 2022

Clinical and Public Health Interventions to Improve Road Traffic Safety, Elizabeth M. Boudiab

Renal/Liver Transplantation Overview, Steven Cohn

Nutrition for Surgeons and Their Patients, Randy Janczyk

Applying Lessons Learned in Nepal to Healthcare in Detroit, Richard Keidan

Detroit2Nepal: Learning to Listen, Richard Keidan

Bariatric Surgery, Nathan LaFayette

Chest Wall Injury Management Updates, Jimmi Mangla

Mass Casualty Trauma Scenario, Samuel K. Osei

Giving Effective Feedback, John D. Parmely

Penetrating Trauma and Concerns for Injuries, Amelia Pasley

MCI with an Active Shooter: A Hospital's Response, Jason Pasley

Public Health, Danielle Reilly

Seeking Truth in the Information Age, James Robbins

Common Hip Pathologies and How to Diagnose and Treat, Robert Runner

Indications and Alternatives in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery, Cesar A. Serrano

Post-Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus, Cesar A. Serrano

Breast ABSITE Review, Zakiya Shakir

The Ups & Downs of Weight Loss Surgery, Anastasia Stevens-Chase

Anticoagulation and Reversal Agents in the Trauma Patient, Mario Villalba

Evolution in the Surgical Management of Lung Cancer: The Impact of Clinical Trials, Thomas J. Watson

Pancreatic Cancer, Lavanya Yohanathan

Simulation: Bridging Healthcare and Education, Kathryn M. Ziegler and Nathan Novotny

Submissions from 2021

Pediatric Urology for Pediatric Providers, Kevin Feber

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Update, Kevin Krause