Medium-Term Outcomes of the Godoy Burnia Repair: Durability of a Sutureless Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair in Girls.

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Journal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Part A


Background: Several methods to repair pediatric inguinal hernias utilizing a minimally invasive technique have been developed over the decades. These methods often involve passage of suture through the peritoneum at the level of the inguinal ring. We previously described the Godoy Burnia, a laparoscopic, sutureless, cautery-only inguinal hernia repair (IHR), and this follow-up study provides longer term data for this emerging surgical technique. Methods: After institutional review board approval, a single-centered retrospective review was performed of female pediatric patients with Godoy Burnia repair from 2014 to 2021. Demographics, operative details, and outcomes were reviewed. Technique: Through a single umbilical incision, a 3 mm port and camera and 3 mm Maryland dissector are placed into the abdomen. The Maryland dissector grasps the hernia sac, everts it, and brings it into the abdomen. Electrocautery is applied to allow scarring and closure of the inguinal ring. Results: Sixty-nine hernia repairs were performed on 44 patients with ages 5 days to 16 years (average 3.9 years) and weighing 2-70 kg (average 16 kg). Average follow-up was 52.8 months, and average operative times were 14/16 minutes for unilateral/bilateral repair, respectively. Twenty-two percent of hernias were found at time of another surgery and repaired. One recurrence (1.45%) in a 16-year-old patient, and 2 patients with other short-term complications. Conclusions: Godoy Burnia, a single-incision, sutureless, laparoscopic IHR in girls, is an acceptable alternative surgical technique with a low complication and recurrence rate. The longer follow-up in this study demonstrates the durability of the repair in most age groups, and decreased operative times suggest a favorable learning curve.





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