A case of giant necrotic spermatic cord lipoma found incidentally during recurrent inguinal hernia repair: A case report.

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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports


INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: The literature regarding size descriptions for spermatic cord lipomas is limited. The term "giant" is utilized loosely and seen on case reports for masses as small as 6 cm. Here we present a case of a giant left sided spermatic cord lipoma, found incidentally during a recurrent inguinal hernia repair, that measured 18 × 14 × 10 cm on final pathologic examination.

CASE PRESENTATION: A 59 year old male, with a history of morbid obesity and surgical history of prior bilateral inguinal hernia repair, presented with recurrent left sided groin and scrotal bulging with associated discomfort several months after the initial hernia repair. Following imaging performed on preoperative work up, the patient was brought to the operating room for a robotic inguinal hernia repair.

CLINICAL DISCUSSION: Preoperative physical examination was limited due to the patient's body habitus which precluded a definitive diagnosis of inguinal hernia based on physical examination. Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis was performed with findings consistent with bilateral recurrent inguinal hernias. A bilateral robotic inguinal hernia repair was attempted. The procedure was converted to open via a groin incision when an incidental 18 cm left sided spermatic cord lipoma was discovered. An orchiectomy was ultimately performed as the mass was intimately intertwined with the spermatic cord.

CONCLUSION: In our case, the patient had a recurrent inguinal hernia and an incidental finding of an 18 cm spermatic cord lipoma which warranted a left orchiectomy followed by open inguinal hernia repair. We propose standardizing the term "giant" to include spermatic cord lipomas >15 cm.



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