Amelioration of Mucositis in Proton Therapy of Fanconi Anemia Fanca

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Background/aim: We tested JP4-039, a GS-nitroxide radiation damage mitigator in proton therapy of Fanconi anemia (FA) mice.

Materials and methods: Fanca-/- and Fanca+/+ bone marrow stromal cells were pre-treated with JP4-039 and irradiated with either protons or photons (0-10 GyRBE) followed by clonogenic survival and β-Galactosidase senescence analysis. Fanca-/- and Fanca+/+ mice were pretreated with JP4-039 for 10 min prior to oropharyngeal irradiation with either protons or photons (0 or 30 GyRBE) followed by sacrifice and measurement of oral cavity ulceration, distant hematopoietic suppression, and real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis.

Results: JP4-039 reduced oral cavity ulceration in Fanca-/- mice, transcripts Nfkb, Ap1, Sp1, and Nrf2, and proton therapy induced distant marrow suppression.

Conclusion: JP4-039 protected Fanca-/- and Fanca+/+ cells and mouse oral cavity from both proton and photon radiation.