Diagnosis and Beyond: Utility of Imaging across a Variety of Clinical Scenarios Encountered in Multiple Sclerosis

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ASNR 2019 Proceedings


Purpose Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging plays a critical role in the diagnosis and management in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The utility of MR imaging continues to evolve with advances in MS management and therapeutics. Our purpose is to review common clinical applications of MR imaging in MS and how the radiologist can provide more relevant interpretations based on the particular clinical question. Materials and Methods We will present multiple clinical scenarios in MS for which MR imaging is obtained. Each case will discuss a myriad of relevant points: specific protocol used for the particular clinical question, utility of gadolinium, key imaging findings, potential pitfalls and pertinent details to include in the report. These scenarios include: 1. Making the Diagnosis 2. Establishing an imaging baseline at time of initial clinical evaluation 3. Imaging of acute symptoms/relapses (Including Brain, Optic Nerves, Spinal Cord) 4. Routine follow-up imaging 5. Beginning new disease modifying therapies (DMTs) [Including baseline and response to therapy] 6. Evaluating for opportunistic infections/side effects of DMTs (example, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) 7. Additional miscellaneous topics (Limitations of Conventional MR imaging in MS and Future applications of advanced MR imaging techniques) Results Following our case based review; the radiologist should be aware of current clinical applications of MR in MS. The reader should also have an understanding of the technical differences in each scenario and knowledge of the pertinent details that aid the Neurologist in the management of patients. Conclusions MR imaging has multiple roles in MS beyond making the diagnosis or assessing for increased disease burden. Comprehension of the different clinical situations in which MR is used for MS can aid the radiologist in reporting the relevant information that can assist in patient care.

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American Society of Neuroradiology. ASNR 2019 Annual Meeting. Boston MA. May 18-23, 2019. Meeting Abstract: 2730.

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