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Purpose The vertebral arteries are a critical component of the spinal and posterior intracranial circulation. Their associated pathologies are wide ranging including traumatic and congenital causes. Given the profound impact on patient management and outcomes, a careful evaluation of the vertebral artery with a firm understanding of normal anatomy is required to properly rule out pathology. This educational exhibit will provide an overview of the normal anatomy of the vertebral arteries and a case-based review of a large spectrum of their pathologies, including traumatic, spontaneous, iatrogenic, and congenital. Utilization of various imaging modalities including, CTA, MRA, angiography, and ultrasound will be discussed. Finally, discussion of available treatment options for these pathologies will be addressed. List of Educational Objectives: - Overview the normal anatomy of the vertebral arteries throughout their cervical and intracranial course. - Provide a case-based overview of a wide range of pathologies involving the vertebral arteries. - Discuss the associated clinical presentations of these pathologies and how imaging can guide management and affect the clinical course. - Cover the various diagnostic modalities available to evaluate the vertebral arteries and the appropriate indications for utilization. - Discuss available treatment options and indications for treatment. Materials and Methods N/A Results N/A Conclusions N/A

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