Risk Factors for Pneumothorax Development Following CT-Guided Core Lung Nodule Biopsy.

Tyler Sargent
Nathan Kolderman, Beaumont Health
Girish B. Nair, Beaumont Health
Michelle Jankowski, Beaumont Health
Sayf Al-Katib, Beaumont Health


BACKGROUND: This study aims to correlate nodule, patient, and technical risk factors less commonly investigated in the literature with pneumothorax development during computed tomography-guided core needle lung nodule biopsy.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: Retrospective data on 671 computed tomography-guided percutaneous core needle lung biopsies from 671 patients at a tertiary care center between March 2014 and August 2016. Univariate and multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to identify pneumothorax risk factors.

RESULTS: The overall incidence of pneumothorax was 26.7% (n=179). Risk factors identified on univariate analysis include anterior [odds ratio (OR)=1.98; P

CONCLUSION: Emphysema in the needle biopsy path is most strongly associated with pneumothorax development. Increases in patient body mass index and width of the target lung nodule are most strongly associated with decreased odds of pneumothorax.