A community-endorsed open-source lexicon for contrast agent-based perfusion MRI: A consensus guidelines report from the ISMRM Open Science Initiative for Perfusion Imaging (OSIPI).

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Magnetic resonance in medicine


This manuscript describes the ISMRM OSIPI (Open Science Initiative for Perfusion Imaging) lexicon for dynamic contrast-enhanced and dynamic susceptibility-contrast MRI. The lexicon was developed by Taskforce 4.2 of OSIPI to provide standardized definitions of commonly used quantities, models, and analysis processes with the aim of reducing reporting variability. The taskforce was established in February 2020 and consists of medical physicists, engineers, clinicians, data and computer scientists, and DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard experts. Members of the taskforce collaborated via a slack channel and quarterly virtual meetings. Members participated by defining lexicon items and reporting formats that were reviewed by at least two other members of the taskforce. Version 1.0.0 of the lexicon was subject to open review from the wider perfusion imaging community between January and March 2022, and endorsed by the Perfusion Study Group of the ISMRM in the summer of 2022. The initial scope of the lexicon was set by the taskforce and defined such that it contained a basic set of quantities, processes, and models to enable users to report an end-to-end analysis pipeline including kinetic model fitting. We also provide guidance on how to easily incorporate lexicon items and definitions into free-text descriptions (e.g., in manuscripts and other documentation) and introduce an XML-based pipeline encoding format to encode analyses using lexicon definitions in standardized and extensible machine-readable code. The lexicon is designed to be open-source and extendable, enabling ongoing expansion of its content. We hope that widespread adoption of lexicon terminology and reporting formats described herein will increase reproducibility within the field.





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