Commissioning cranial single-isocenter multi-target radiosurgery for the Versa HD.

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Journal of applied clinical medical physics


PURPOSE: Brainlab's Elements Multiple Brain Mets SRS (MBMS) is a dedicated treatment planning system for single-isocenter multi-target (SIMT) cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) treatments. The purpose of this study is to present the commissioning experience of MBMS on an Elekta Versa HD.

METHODS: MBMS was commissioned for 6 X, 6 FFF, and 10 FFF. Beam data collected included: output factors, percent depth doses (PDDs), diagonal profiles, collimator transmission, and penumbra. Beam data were processed by Brainlab and resulting parameters were entered into the planning system to generate the beam model. Beam model accuracy was verified for simple fields. MBMS plans were created on previously treated cranial SRS patient data sets. Plans were evaluated using Paddick inverse conformity (ICI), gradient indices (GI), and cumulative volume of brain receiving 12 Gy. Dosimetric accuracy of the MBMS plans was verified using microDiamond, Gafchromic film, and SRS Mapcheck measurements of absolute dose and dose profiles for individual targets. Finally, an end-to-end (E2E) test was performed with a MR-CT compatible phantom to validate the accuracy of the simulation-to-delivery process.

RESULTS: For square fields, calculated scatter factors were within 1.0% of measured, PDDs were within 0.5% past dmax, and diagonal profiles were within 0.5% for clinically relevant off-axis distances (<10 >cm). MBMS produced plans with ICIs < 1.5 and GIs < 5.0 for targets > 10 mm. Average point doses of the MBMS plans, measured by microDiamond, were within 0.31% of calculated (max 2.84%). Average per-field planar pass rates were 98.0% (95.5% minimum) using a 2%/1 mm/10% threshold relative gamma analysis. E2E point dose measurements were within 1.5% of calculated and Gafchromic film pass rates were 99.6% using a 5%/1 mm/10% threshold gamma analysis.

CONCLUSION: The experience presented can be used to aid the commissioning of the Versa HD in the Brainlab MBMS treatment planning system, to produce safe and accurate SIMT cranial SRS treatments.





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