Mind Matters: Dr. Jeffrey Guina on Mental Health, Martial Arts and Parenting

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In our fifth podcast we explore Mental Health with the distinguished Psychiatrist and Mental Health Advocate, Dr. Jeffrey Guina. Join us on an insightful journey as we uncover the essence of mental well-being, parenting, peak performance, personal growth, and the transformative power of martial arts. In this engaging conversation, Dr. Guina sheds light on the true meaning of mental health and emphasizes the pivotal role it plays in cultivating peak mental performance. With his expert guidance, we gain access to an array of practical tools that can be implemented immediately. This transformative conversation not only enriches your own path but also casts a positive ripple effect on those around you. Tune in so you can tap into the extraordinary potential of the human mind and the dynamic synergy of mental health and martial arts.


On with Yan Podcast aired on August 11, 2023