Submissions from 2023


Newly Diagnosed Mental Health Disorders in Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving Radiation Therapy, Bailey Loving, Muayad F. Almahariq, Ronald Levitin, Siddharth Ramanathan, Lihua Qu, Zainab Ijaz, and Joshua T. Dilworth

Submissions from 2022

Veteran Mental Health, Jeffrey Guina and Wendy Standifer


Watch Your Back: The Risk of Harm to the Forensic Psychiatrist, Kathleen L. Kruse, Nina E. Ross, Jeffrey Guina, Philip Saragoza, and Drew Calhoun

COVID pandemic: Reflecting and coping, Lori A. Lackman-Zeman


Improv-ing the Forensic Interview, Nina E. Ross, Karen B. Rosenbaum, Charles L. Scott, Jeffrey Guina, and Kendall Genre