Submissions from 2022


Ostomy Through the Ages: Creating WOC Interventions in Response to Age-Related Barriers to Ostomy Independence and Self-Care, Ruth Ann Pendergrast, Maureen Rosette, Karen Genter, and Susan Veltigian

Submissions from 2021


Hypochlorous Acid: Defining the Capsular Contracture Rate, John Bates


From Presentation to Decannulation: Comprehensive Treatment and Reconstructive Algorithm for Functional Restoration After Ballistic Injury to the Face, Elizabeth Boudiab, Claire McNary, C Berkach, Jeremy M. Powers, Neil S. Sachanandani, and Kongkrit Chaiyasete

Outcomes and Complications of Pedicled Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction, Elizabeth Boudiab, Claire McNary, C Berkach, Daniella Vega, Kongkrit Chaiyasete, and Jeremy M. Powers