Submissions from 2023

Retrospective Review of Cosmetic Surgery Medical Tourism Complications During COVID-19 Pandemic, Claire McNary, Catherine Barkach, Ronald Blaisdell, Emanuela Peshel, Elizabeth Boudiab, Lauren Oliver, and Samuel J. Mucci


Implementation of an Ostomy Support Group: The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Support Within the Ostomate Community, Ruth Ann Pendergrast

The Increased Burden of Patients Presenting with Complications Following Cosmetic Medical Tourism During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Emanuela Peshel, Elizabeth Boudiab, Claire McNary, Catherine Barkach, Lauren Oliver, and Samuel J. Mucci


Ocular Complications of Facial Burns in the Pediatric Population, Abigail Teitelbaum, Annmarie Craig, Elika Ridelman, Lisa Bohra, Christina Shanti, and Sharmila Segar

Submissions from 2022


Ostomy Through the Ages: Creating WOC Interventions in Response to Age-Related Barriers to Ostomy Independence and Self-Care, Ruth Ann Pendergrast, Maureen Rosette, Karen Genter, and Susan Veltigian

Submissions from 2021


Hypochlorous Acid: Defining the Capsular Contracture Rate, John Bates


From Presentation to Decannulation: Comprehensive Treatment and Reconstructive Algorithm for Functional Restoration After Ballistic Injury to the Face, Elizabeth Boudiab, Claire McNary, C Berkach, Jeremy M. Powers, Neil S. Sachanandani, and Kongkrit Chaiyasete

Outcomes and Complications of Pedicled Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction, Elizabeth Boudiab, Claire McNary, C Berkach, Daniella Vega, Kongkrit Chaiyasete, and Jeremy M. Powers