Submissions from 2023

Project LIGHT: Learning and Implementing Guidelines for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment, Amal Algahmi, Jenny Berry, Paige Demos, and Elise Gross

A Rare Complication of Infection - HLH, Arsala Bakhtyar

Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Through Multicenter Collaboration and Corporate Partnership, Matthew Denenberg

Safety Culture in a High Reliability Organization: Authority Gradients, Matthew Denenberg

Sudden Cardiac Death in Pediatrics, Silvestre Duran

Firearm Injury Prevention & Firearm Safety, Kelly Huggett

What's New in Urinary Tract Infections: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Management, Christopher Jaeger

Gastroesophageal Reflux in Pediatrics, Jamal Kriem

The Role of Genetics in Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Treatment, Danielle Nolan

Vocal Cord Dysfunction Exercise-induced Asthma, Bassel Salman

Congenital Male Anomalies, Megan Schober

Likes, Reels & Influencers: The Impact of Social Media on Disordered Eating, Diet Culture & the Thin Ideal, Jaime Taylor

Submissions from 2022

Pediatric Epilepsy, Daniel Arndt

Gut Microbiome, A New Frontier in Understanding and Managing Gastrointestinal Diseases, Mouhib Ayas

Health Equity Rounds: An Infant Who Fell, Allison Ball

More at the Bedside, Allison Ball and Shashi Sahai

Adolescent Bariatric Surgery, Pavan Brahmamdam

Pediatric Bariatric Surgery, Pavan Brahmamdam

The State of Pediatric Genetics, Stephanie Campbell

ER-When to Come in and When to Stay Home & State Level & Local Response to COVID, Matthew Denenberg

Safety Culture Transformation - Authority Gradients, Matthew Denenberg

Cardiovascular Clearance for Sports Participation, Ismael Enrique Gonzalez Rangel

Coordination of Care in the Pediatric Neuromuscular Patient, Meghan Harper-Shankie

Update on Asthma for Pediatrics, Indu Jain

Contemporary Approach to Acute Immune Thrombocytopenia, Kaydee Kaiser

Periodic Fever Syndromes in Children, Riya Kalra

"Thanks Doc, But I Will Do My Own Research" - Childhood Vaccine Hesitancy in the COVID Era, Graham Krasan

Updates in ID in Relation to COVID, Graham Krasan

Antibiotic Stewardship in Pediatrics, Jiwon Lee and Michael Maiden

Are they sick or is it just allergies?, Amy Marks

Depression and Anxiety through COVID, George Mellos

Psychodynamic Development of Psychic Structure, George Mellos

Neonatal EEG, Rawad Obeid

Updates in Neonatal Seizures, Rawad Obeid

Overview of Sleep Problems in Adults and Children, Meera Patel

Clinical Reasoning, Shashi Sahai

Enuresis, Megan Schober

Undescended Testis and Scrotal Emergencies, Megan Schober

Child Abuse "Look Alikes" - Screening and Assessment, Mary Smyth and Andrea Carr

Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps, Steven Stryk

Updates on Pediatric Diabetes, Julie Surhigh

Exacerbations of Eating Disorders since COVID, Jaime Taylor

Weight-Neutral Well-being, Jaime Taylor

Neurofibromatosis, Maxim Yankelevich

Submissions from 2021

Pediatric Feeding Challenges: More than Picky Eating, Jennifer Arnold

Precocious Puberty, Christopher Bergsman

Quality Improvement 10/26/21, Christopher Bergsman

Quality Improvement 6/22/21, Christopher Bergsman

Rapid genomic diagnosis in critical situations, Christopher Bergsman

Recent controversies and recommendations regarding Vitamin K in the newborn, Christopher Bergsman

Legally mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, Sara Conn and Mary E. Smyth

Pediatric COVID-19 Update, Bishara Freij

Bridging the gap between pediatric and adult oncology: Addressing unique needs for adolescents and young adults, L Kate Gowans, Diane Townsel, Debbie Webster, and Maxim Yankelevich

Follow-up for NICU Graduates, Christin Lawrence

Update on Celiac Disease, Jennifer Mitsuya


The Children & COVID-19 Vaccines episode, Asha Shajahan and Bishara Freij

Child Abuse: Screening, Assessment & Resources, Mary E. Smyth

Behavioral Health On Demand: Mindful Media Use, Lori J. Warner

Do Family Interests Count (and how much) in Pediatric Ethics?, Jason Wasserman