Robotic Spleen Preserving Distal Pancreatectomy (Warshaw Technique) in a 12 Year Old Female.

Rachel Harvey, Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School Student
Begum Akay, Beaumont Health
Pavan Brahmamdam, Beaumont Health

American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, Virtual, October 23-27, 2021.


Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm (SPN) of the pancreas is a rare entity seen in young females. Complete surgical resection is often curative. This video shows a robotic spleen preserving distal pancreatectomy for a SPN in a 12-year-old female using the Warshaw technique. This technique preserves the short gastric and left gastric epiploic vessels allowing for splenic survival after ligation of the splenic vessels. This video demonstrates the feasibility of using the robot to perform this procedure in a pediatric patient. MRI at 18 months follow up showed that the spleen was completely perfused, with no evidence of recurrence or metastasis.