Submissions from 2022

Introduction to Muscle Biopsy Pathology and Recent Cases of Interest, Joseph Fullmer


DermDx: Rash on Arms, Knees, and Back, Katrina Hansen, Z Rizvi, Annette LaCasse, and John Pui

Pre-Transplant Immunological Evaluations, Gabriel N. Maine

Monkeypox, Daniel A. Ortiz

Role of a Clinical Laboratory Director, Daniel A. Ortiz

New and Emerging Technology in Clinical Diagnostics, Daniel N. Ortiz

Reducing Excessive Delta Checks: A Large Retrospective Study, Qian Sun, Subhashree Mallika Krishnan, K Walewski, and Nga Y. Tang

Reducing Specimen Rejection Rates Using Concentration-Dependent Hemolysis Rejection Thresholds, Nga Y. Tang

Submissions from 2021

Practical Update in Cardiology 2021, Simon R. Dixon, Terry R. Bowers, Ivan D. Hanson, Amr Abbas, Akash Rusia, Michael R. Brennan, Nishaki Mehta, Michael J. Gallagher, Richard Bloomingdale, Julie Zenger Hain, Justin E. Trivax, Ilana Kutinsky, Kavitha Chinnaiyan, and Florian Bukovec