Retinal vasculitis or vascular occlusion after brolucizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration: a systematic review of real-world evidence

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Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)


PURPOSE: Retinal vasculitis or vascular occlusion (RV/RO) have been reported following brolucizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration. This systematic literature review evaluated RV/RO events after brolucizumab in real-world practice.

METHODS: Systematic literature searches identified 89 publications; 19 were included.

RESULTS: Publications described 63 patients (70 eyes) with an RV/RO event following brolucizumab. Mean age was 77.6 years and 77.8% of patients were women; 32 eyes (45.7%) received one brolucizumab injection before RV/RO. Mean (range) time to event from last brolucizumab injection was 19.4 (0-63) days, with 87.5% of events occurring within 30 days. Among eyes with both pre- and post-event visual acuity (VA) assessments, 22/42 eyes (52.4%) showed unchanged (±0.08 logMAR) or improved vision from last recorded pre-event assessment at latest follow-up, while 15/42 eyes (35.7%) showed ≥0.30 logMAR (≥15 letters) VA reduction. Patients with no VA loss were on average slightly younger and had a higher proportion of non-occlusive events.

CONCLUSION: Most RV/RO events reported after brolucizumab in early real-world practice occurred in women. Among eyes with VA measurements, approximately half experienced VA loss; overall, about one third had VA reduction of ≥0.30 logMAR at latest follow-up, with indications of regional variations.


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