The Heart-Healthy Handbook

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The Heart-Healthy Handbook



The Heart-Healthy Handbook was prepared by a highly skilled and dedicated medical writing team of Beaumont Health professionals, with representative
expertise in clinical and interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery,
electrophysiology, nursing, pharmacology, exercise physiology, geriatrics,
psychosocial issues, diagnostic testing, cardiac imaging, nutrition, obesity,
diabetes and metabolism, and women s heart issues. The Heart-Healthy Handbook A guide to preventative care, lifestyle guidelines, as well as palliative, and acute care.

Your heart is your most important muscle and never stops working. As we keep living longer we need the right knowledge to take care of it, which can be easier said than done given the overwhelming amount of information available with the click of a mouse. With this in mind, Dr. Barry A. Franklin set out to create a go-to manual for heart health geared towards the patient. The result was The Heart-Healthy Handbook--a one stop heart shop. Dr. Franklin worked with top cardiologists across the county to write easy to read information that addresses everything heart health related. The Heart-Healthy Handbook is designed to be just that--a handbook that patients, family members, and also people just interested in an improved lifestyle and living longer can go to again and again for straightforward information that spans cardiovascular survey to women's heart health, geriatrics to metabolism, in a format that is easily digestible yet helpful for all knowledge levels.



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Healthy Learning


Monterey, CA


Heart Diseases


Nutrition | Preventive Medicine


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The Heart-Healthy Handbook