Submissions from 2023

Tackling Stress on 3 West, Megan Adkins

Project LIGHT: Learning and Implementing Guidelines for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment, Amal Algahmi, Jenny Berry, Paige Demos, and Elise Gross

Food is Medicine: The Impact of Medically Tailored Meals on the Geriatric Diabetic Population, Sarah Berry

Fostering the Recovery and Wellbeing of Nurse Leaders, Denise Ervin

Opioid Use Disorder in Trauma; Maintaining Balance on a Slippery Slope, Rebecca Gomez


Burn out to Balance, Emily Jacobs

Submissions from 2022

Caring for Geriatric Patients, Lauren Cameron-Comasco, Katherine Murany, and Heather Lustig

Human Trafficking: Screening , Assessment & Resources, Jaime Hope and Andrea Carr

Concussion Management - Return to Work, Learn and Play, Susan Musto


Learning About Venous Ulcer Care with Dr. Julia Paul, Julia Paul

Child Abuse "Look Alikes" - Screening and Assessment, Mary Smyth and Andrea Carr

Submissions from 2021

Implementing Curbside Screening and Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Amena Beslic, Danica Ninkovic, and Alayna Perko

Elder Abuse/vulnerable adult abuse: Screening, assessment & resources, Kristen Gawlik and Scott Teter


Extended Reality - The Evolution of Anesthesia Training., Greta Mitzova-Vladinov and Laura Rodgers

Tummy Time: Feasibility of a Self-Proning Protocol in Non-Intubated Patients with COVID 19 Related ARDS, Alexandra Ponegalek and Sally Witt

Acute Care Nurses' Knowledge of Geriatric Best Practice Knowledge, Suzanne Purvis

End of Life / Palliative Care +, Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi, Nada Kinaya, and Corianna Lucky

What Family Members Consider a Good Death, Jordyn Zapinski