Survey Results on Use of a Convex Pouching System in the Postoperative Period.

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Journal of wound, ostomy, and continence nursing : official publication of The Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society / WOCN


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to validate time frames for postoperative care following stoma surgery and to determine participants' current practice with convex pouching systems during the postoperative period.

DESIGN: A Cross-sectional survey.

SUBJECTS AND SETTING: The sample comprised 332 ostomy care specialists practicing in the United States. Most (n = 220; 66%) had more than 10 years' experience caring for patients with ostomies, 82% (n = 272) were certified WOC or ostomy care nurses (CWOCN and COCN), and 7% (n = 23) were board-certified colorectal surgeons.

METHODS: A 23-item online questionnaire was created for purposes of the study. Items in the questionnaire queried professional background and experience caring for patients with an ostomy. A single item was used to identify postoperative care periods following ostomy surgery. Additional items queried current practice patterns related to use of convex pouching systems and the timing of their use. Data were collected from January 18 to February 8, 2021.

RESULTS: Most respondents (n = 270; 90%) agreed with the following postoperative periods after ostomy surgery: immediate postoperative period (days 0-8); postoperative period (days 9-30); and transition phase (days 31-180). Most respondents (n = 274; 95%) indicated they would use a convex pouching system when clinically appropriate during the first 30 days following ostomy surgery and 79% (n = 228) indicated using a convex pouching system regardless of when the surgery was performed. Less than 1% (n = 2) indicated never using convexity within the first 30 days following stoma surgery, and only 3% (n = 8) indicated avoidance of convexity pouching systems in the immediate postoperative period.

CONCLUSIONS: Findings indicate that use of convexity during the postoperative period is prevalent to provide a secure seal and predictable wear time.





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