The Weekend Effect on In-Hospital Outcomes of Elderly Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke and Concurrent COVID-19 Infection: A Nationwide Multicenter Study

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Background: Acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and COVID-19 are individually associated with poor outcomes. The impact of the pandemic on the US healthcare system, including staff shortages and disparities, may have delayed timely interventions and adherence to guidelines. We investigated the Weekend Effect on outcomes in elderly patients with AIS and COVID-19 to better understand its relationship during the challenging pandemic period.

Methods: Using ICD-10-CM codes, we analyzed AIS and COVID-19 hospitalizations among the elderly (>65 years) from the 2020 National Inpatient Sample. Weekday and weekend admissions were compared for baseline characteristics, comorbidities, and outcomes. The multivariable analysis was adjusted for confounding variables. A two-tailed p<0.05 was considered significant.

Results: Of 14,070 total AIS and concurrent COVID-19 admissions among the elderly, 10,425 were on weekdays, and 3645 were on weekends. While both cohorts exhibited comparable age distributions, the weekend admissions had a higher percentage of females (47.1% vs. 45.2%) and whites (59.5% vs. 58.1%). They had a higher prevalence of hypertension (82.2% vs. 78.6%), hyperlipidemia (52.9% vs. 50.1%), chronic pulmonary disease (19.1% vs. 17%), obesity (15% vs. 13.6%), depression (10.2% vs. 8.2%). Additionally, all-cause mortality (33.5% vs. 32.5%) and cardiogenic shock (1.9% vs. 1.7%) were slightly higher among weekend admissions. Upon adjusting for confounding factors, the overall mortality rate among weekend admissions showed no significant association, aOR-1.15 [95%CI:0.42-0.96; p-0.169].

Conclusion: Although there is a higher prevalence of comorbidities and overall mortality among weekend admissions, no significant association between the Weekend Effect and poor in-hospital outcomes in elderly COVID-19 patients with AIS was noted. However, ensuring adequate staffing and resource availability during weekends may enhance the quality of care provided.




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