State-of-the-art review: Interventional onco-cardiology

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Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine


Purpose of review To discuss invasive cardiovascular procedures as they relate to oncocardiology, as well as recent additions to anti-cancer therapies and their subsequent effect on cardiovascular toxicity. Recent findings The development of immune checkpoint inhibitors and chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy has been linked to cardiotoxicity and represents an emerging area of concern. Recent advances in transcatheter valve replacement have shown benefits compared with surgical management regardless of malignancy type, stage, or treatment. Summary With the increasing use of immunotherapy and increasing recognition of cardiotoxicity, there is a need for identifying mortality-improving strategies. The use of a transcatheter approach for aortic valve replacement looks to be a safer alternative when compared with surgical replacement despite the presence of cancer. Pericardial disease is frequent in the cancer population and pericardiocentesis represents a valid option for the treatment of significant pericardial effusions. Endomyocardial biopsy is performed for various indications in the cancer population and is the gold standard for diagnosing myocarditis and infiltrative diseases.