Submissions from 2022

Advance Care Planning Core Component Course, Halima Ali

Implicit Bias, Carol Baker

Ultrasound Guided Procedures for Musculoskeletal Pain, Kyle Bronsteen


the COVID-19 Update: Summer 2022 episode, Nicholas Gilpin and Asha Shajahan


the COVID-19: Looking Ahead episode, Nicholas Gilpin, Asha Shajahan, and Justin Skrzynski

Stepping In, Sheala Jafry

Toxic: A Black Woman's Story - Facilitating Conversations Surrounding Bias, Microaggressions and Health Disparities, Sheala Jafry

Toxic: A Black Woman's Story - Facilitating Conversations Surrounding Bias, Microaggressions and Health Disparities, Sheala Jafry and Lori Mausi


Protecting Wellness and Boundaries while Navigating Leaves of Absences: Case Studies for Approaching from an Ethical and Behavioral Health Lens, Jennifer Kowalkowski, Sawsan Edriss, and Stephen Warnick

The "Hopeless" Patient and the "Helpless" Doctor, Jacklyn McParlane and Jennifer Kowalkowski

Back Pain: Diagnosis and Restoring Function, John Morasso

Successful Transition from Student to Resident: Educational and Financial Preparation, Pierre Morris

Weighing in on Obesity: After Initial Intervention, Alison Nesbitt

COVID-19 Updates, Andrew Oleszkowicz

Type 2 Diabetes: A Primary Care Perspective, Ali Rida

Healthcare Disparities, Asha Shajahan

Loneliness...An Epidemic, Asha Shajahan

Social Determinants of Health, Asha Shajahan

The Loneliness Epidemic in a Pandemic and Beyond, Asha Shajahan

Unconscious Bias, Asha Shajahan


the Alcoholism bonus episode, Asha Shajahan and Jean Cummings


the Alcohol Awareness episode, Asha Shajahan and Jeffrey Guina

Mental Health Crisis in the Pediatric Population, Stephen J. Warnick

Managing Metabolic Syndrome, Joseph Williams

Submissions from 2021

The Breastfeeding Journey: Essentials for Primary Care Providers, Lucy Boekelheide


the COVID-19 Vaccine Updates episode, Nicholas E. Gilpin and Asha Shajahan


The COVID Vaccines Rollout episode, Nicholas E. Gilpin and Asha Shajahan

Care of the Military Patient, Amber Gruber and James Rosbolt

Behavioral Health On Demand: Suicide Assessment in 2021: Current Methods and Emerging Models, Darren Jones

Behavioral Health on Demand: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences: Trauma-Informed Care in Healthcare Settings, Jennifer D. Kowalkowski


The Children & COVID-19 Vaccines episode, Asha Shajahan and Bishara Freij


Special Episode: Implicit Bias & Racism, Asha Shajahan and Howard Ross


The Medical Misinformation episode, Asha Shajahan and Robert Skinner


Special Episode: COVID-19 Vaccines & Pregnancy, Asha Shajahan and Kurt Wharton


The Labor & Delivery: Making Shared Decisions episode, Asha Shajahan and Kurt Wharton


Comprehensive, Interprofessional Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment Initiative in a Family Medicine Residency Program, Adam Shammami, Elena Kline, and Zach Weber

Behavioral Health On Demand: Bipolar Disorder Update: Basic Pharmacologic Treatment in Primary Care, Stephen J. Warnick

Palliative care for the primary care provider, Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi

End of Life / Palliative Care +, Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi, Nada Kinaya, and Corianna Lucky