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Society of Teachers of Family Medicine


This roundtable discussion brings the executive editorial board of Clinical Research in Practice: The Journal of Team Hippocrates into direct contact with prospective authors to provide editorial support with the goal of coaching participants to be successful when submitting a manuscript to Clinical Research in Practice: The Journal of Team Hippocrates. The aims and scope of the journal focus on clinical decision science (CDS). CDS explores how the complex, interacting aspects of clinical care are described, understood, shared, and explained. This includes both biomedical and medical social sciences, in addition to other ways of understanding human experience. This is a unique area of scholarship that has not previously been recognized, explored, studied, or published. CDS is geared toward practicing physicians because it is a reflexive analysis of clinical practice. Although it is an academic genre, it does not require advanced skills in research design. For this reason, prospective authors from all levels of medical education can be successful authors. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the cognitive framework of CDS and allow for successful writing and submission of manuscripts.