Diabetes Management Among Arab Americans Who Sought Care at a Large Metropolitan Hospital System in Michigan

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© 2018, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature. To estimate and compare the management of diabetes among Arab, Asian, non-Hispanic Black, and non-Hispanic Whites attending a large health system in metropolitan Detroit. Data were electronically abstracted for 6622 adult patients with diabetes. Dependent variables were uptake of A1c testing and results, LDL-C testing and results, and eye examination frequency. The independent variable was race/ethnicity. Logistic regression models were used to examine the association between Arab Americans and non-Hispanic Whites for each of the dependent variables while controlling for confounders. Arab Americans were 38% more likely than non-Hispanic Whites to report an A1c > 7% (OR 1.38; 95% CI 1.03, 1.87). Arab Americans were 62% less likely to receive an eye exam compared to non-Hispanic Whites (OR 1.62; 95% CI 1.21, 2.17). Population based studies about diabetes management among Arab Americans will facilitate tailored interventions aimed at preventing/delaying diabetes complications and reducing premature mortality due to diabetes.

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