Submissions from 2023


Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 1 in a Young Man With Seizures, Nitya Batra, Nishant Aggarwal, Shailesh Niroula, Daniel Misra, and Daniel Shelden

Adrenal Disease, Michael Brennan


Lipodystrophy: A Hidden Culprit in Uncontrolled Diabetes, Farah El Sayed and Ajaz Banka


Subacute Thyroiditis in Early Pregnancy: A Rare Case Report, Farah El Sayed and Daniel Shelden

Severe Hypophosphatemia Due to Primary Renal Phosphate Wasting: A Rare Case of Suspected Autosomal Dominant Hereditary Rickets, Gurbir Hehar and Ajaz Banka

Updates in Diabetes Management, Lima Lawrence

The Lull Before the Storm - Treatment Induced Cardiogenic Shock in a Young Male With Thyroid Storm and Atrial Fibrillation, Ewelina Niedzialkowska, Prekchha Jha, Nazli Begum Ozturk, Nitya Batra, and Michael Brennan

Thyroid Storm in a Young Male With Graves' Disease Presenting With Atrial Fibrillation With Rapid Response Rate Resulting in Cardiogenic Shock After Treatment Initiation, Ewelina Niedzialkowska, Prekchha Jha, Nazli Begum Ozturk, and Michael Brennan


Pretibial Myxedema Associated With Hashimoto Thyroiditis Treated With Teprotumumab, Ewelina M. Niedzialkowska, Ajaz Banka, and Ashbita Pokharel


Neurosarcoidosis Presenting WIth Panhypopituitarism, Ewelina M. Niedzialkowska, Tatjuna Blazin, Marko Kozyk, and Nidhi Saini


Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Abuse in Cis-Gender Female Bodybuilder, Ewelina M. Niedzialkowska and Daniel Shelden

Gestational Transient Thyrotoxicosis vs. Thyroid Storm: Diagnostic Challenges and Management in a 32-Year-Old Pregnant Patient at 10 Weeks Gestation, Ayesha Sharif, Abdirizak Ahmed, Aagamjit Singh, and Daniel Shelden

Submissions from 2022

Bladder Paraganglioma Associated With SDHA Mutation Presenting as Pelvic Pain, Gurbir Hehar, Ajaz Banka, and Dalia Rahmon