Submissions from 2023

Emergency Medicine Research Projects at Corewell Health Lakeland, Matthew Hysell

Submissions from 2022

Bony Upper Extremity Injuries, Ali Abou-Alaiwi

The New Frontiers of Peripheral Vascular Access, Amit Bahl

Caring for Geriatric Patients, Lauren Cameron-Comasco, Katherine Murany, and Heather Lustig

Opiate Use Disorder and Medication for Opiate Use Disorder, Trevor Eckenswiller

Wellness Beyond Yoga and Chai Tea, Jaime Hope

Human Trafficking: Screening , Assessment & Resources, Jaime Hope and Andrea Carr


AGEISM in Emergency Medicine, Shan W. Liu, Alden Landry, Anita Chary, Lauren Cameron-Casco, Anita Rohra, and Scott Dresden

Professionalism: What is it, Why is it Important for Faculty & Residents, and How Do You Teach Professionalism Skills?, Jacklyn McParlane

The "Hopeless" Patient and the "Helpless" Doctor, Jacklyn McParlane and Jennifer Kowalkowski

Doctoring the Muslim Patient, Zafar Shamoon

Middle Eastern Culture Physician Need to Know, Zafar Shamoon


What's In Your Box? Dental Trauma Management, Amy Smark

Soft Tissue and Vascular Extremity Injuries, Michael Sobin


EMRA Hangouts Live Residency Recruitment Program Director Interviews: Great Lakes Region, Brett R. Todd

Maintaining Momentum from Start to Finish: How to Get Projects Published!, Brett R. Todd

Program Development: Carrots and Sticks: How to Boost Your Program's ITE Scores, Brett R. Todd

Weed and Your Patients: The Cannabis Phenomenon, Sanford Vieder

Submissions from 2021

Management of Opioid Use Disorder and a Path to Success, Michael Gratson

Peer support: Why connection with your colleagues matter, Jacklyn McParlane

Human trafficking on demand: Screening, assessment & resources, Christopher McPeak


The Generalist: Anywhere Emergency Medicine: How to Respond to an Emergency No Matter Where You Are, Joshua Newson, Heidi James, and Ben Shepherd

Pearls and pitfalls of urgent care, Bernice Sessa