Submissions from 2021

New Techniques for the Minimally Invasive Treatment of Aortic Disease, Sanjeev Aggarwal, Richard Bloomingdale, Jordan Bradshaw, O William Brown, Wei Lau, and Alessandro Vivacqua

Advances in the Treatment of Heart Failure, Aaron Berman

Practical Update in Cardiology 2021, Simon R. Dixon, Terry R. Bowers, Ivan D. Hanson, Amr Abbas, Akash Rusia, Michael R. Brennan, Nishaki Mehta, Michael J. Gallagher, Richard Bloomingdale, Julie Zenger Hain, Justin E. Trivax, Ilana Kutinsky, Kavitha Chinnaiyan, and Florian Bukovec

"CT Firs" in the Evaluation of Chest Pain: What You Need to Know about Cardiac CT/FF RCT, Michael J. Gallagher