Real Life Survey of Post-Operative Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Complications Among Practicing Cardiac Electrophysiologists in 2022

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Journal of the American College of Cardiology


Background: The incidence of post-operative CIED complications ranges up to 10% in literature with the top complications including hematomas, lead dislodgement, pneumothorax, infection, and cardiac perforation. We conducted a contemporary survey of practicing electrophysiologists (EPs) and allied staff (AHP) to determine the top CIED complications in their practice. Methods: As part of NSF-I Corps funding, we conducted structured qualitative interviews with 71 EPs, and 32 AHP in person, over the telephone or via video. Results: The study cohort represented ~2% of US EPs from academic, hybrid, and private practice settings. The median time in practice was 10 years (2 - 43 years). While the EPs rated hematomas, lead dislodgement, pneumothorax, infection, and lead perforation, the AHPs cited hematoma, infection, lead dislodgement, wound/incision site infections, and pneumothorax as the top 5 complications. (p=0.01, Figure 1)Conclusion: The perceived complication frequency in real-life closely modeled the reported literature. The difference in EPs and AHP perception could reflect their experience in the intra-operative vs. post-operative period. Prioritizing strategies to mitigate top complications will improve patient safety.




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