Valve-in-Mitral Annular Calcification Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement After Thrombosis of Extracardiac Valved Conduit.

Adam M. Tawney, Beaumont Health
Jason P. Schott, Beaumont Health
Robert D. Safian, Beaumont Health
James A. Goldstein, Beaumont Health
Richard J. Bloomingdale, Beaumont Health
Thomas F. O'Connell, Beaumont Heath
Abhay N. Bilolikar, Beaumont Health
Amr E. Abbas, Beaumont Health
Brian M. Renard, Beaumont Health
Ivan D. Hanson, Beaumont Heath


We report a patient with severe mitral annular calcification, mitral stenosis/regurgitation, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, and subaortic membrane treated with valved left atrium-left ventricle conduit, septal myectomy, and membrane resection. Subsequent thrombosis of the conduit prompted successful valve-in- mitral annular calcification transcatheter mitral valve replacement and laceration of the anterior mitral leaflet to prevent outflow obstruction. (