The Role of Regional Collaboratives in Quality Improvement: Time to Organize, and How?

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© 2019 Over the last 12 years, surgeon representatives from the 33 participating hospitals of the Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons Quality Collaborative (MSTCVS-QC), along with data specialists, surgical and quality improvement (QI) teams, have met at least 4 times a year to improve health-care quality and outcomes of cardiac and general thoracic surgery patients. The MSTCVS-QC nature of interactive learning has allowed all members to examine current data from each site in an unblinded manner for benchmarking, learn from their findings, institute clinically meaningful changes in survival and health-related quality of life, and carefully follow the effects. These meetings have resulted in agreement on various interventions to improve patient selection, periprocedural strategies, and adherence with evidence-based directed medication regimens, Factors contributing to the quality movement across hospitals include statewide-recognized clinicians who are eager to involve themselves in QI initiatives, dedicated health-care professionals at the hospital level, trusting environments in which failure is only a temporary step on the way toward achieving QI goals, real-time analytics of accurate data, and payers who strongly support QI efforts designed to improve outcomes.

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