Pneumomediastinum: A Rare Complication of Laryngospasm

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A 6’3”, 200lbs 36-year-old man presented for an elective anterior lumbar discectomy with fusion. His past medical history included asthma and hypertension. Upon extubation, patient developed a laryngospasm event. Succinylcholine 100mg was given with eventual break of laryngospasm. Chest radiograph in PACU revealed bilateral opacities correlating with clinical signs of frothy sputum and mild hypoxia. CT chest was ordered on the floor which revealed posterior pneumomediastinum. He was admitted to surgical ICU for close monitoring, although stable on room air. We discuss the pathophysiology of pneumomediastinum due to laryngospasm and review management strategies of laryngospasm.


American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, October 9-11, 2021.