Pediatric Hemodynamic Management And Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule Criteria For Thoracic Procedures

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A 14 month-old female with right pneumonia empyema presented to pediatric surgery for video-assisted thorascopic decortication. During the procedure, the lung was lacerated and the anesthesiologist notified the surgeon of blood emerging from the endotracheal tube. The resultant blood loss led to conversion to open thoracotomy. The patient became progressively anemic as her Hg dropped to 6.2. Emergency blood was ordered as there was no prior type and screen. Bleeding was controlled while blood specimens were sent for crossmatching. This case discussion will focus on pediatric hemodynamic management and maximum surgical blood ordering schedule (MSBOS) criteria for thoracic procedures.


American Society of Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology 2019. Orlando, FL. October 19-23, 2019. Abstract.