Stellate Ganglion Block as a Treatment Modality for Refractory Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia

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We present the case of a 67-year-old male with history of CAD who presented with myocardial infarction secondary to an occluded LAD stent. IABP and TVP were placed. Due to incessant Ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation cannulation for VA-ECMO as a bridge to CABGx2 was performed. Intra-operatively, the patient had EF of 10% requiring continued cardiac offloading with IABP and ECMO. Ventricular tachyarrhythmias became refractory to defibrillation. A left stellate ganglion block was performed for sympathetic blunting that promptly decreased the heart rate from 225bpm to less than 150bpm. The improvement lasted less than an hour and ultimately family withdrew care.


American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 12-16, 2023, San Francisco, CA