The Thin Line Between Patient Autonomy and Provider Responsibility: Managing Patients Leaving AMA Post-Extubation Following Potential Suicide Attempt

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31-year-old male with a history of polysubstance abuse presented to the ED after being found unconscious in a hotel room. Endotracheal intubation (ETI) was performed secondary to unresponsiveness to Naloxone and continued acute ventilatory failure. The patient was successfully extubated following 36 hours of mechanical ventilation. Upon waking, the patient left against medical advice (AMA) within 24 hours of extubation. This case discusses potential risks of patients leaving AMA soon after extubation, how to council them before leaving, and the complexity of allowing patients to leave AMA following a potential suicide attempt.


American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 12-16, 2023, San Francisco, CA