The Nuances In Airway Management During Tracheal Stenosis Dilation; When Difficult Airway Algorithms No Longer Suffice.

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A 26-year-old woman w/ PMHx of COVID ARDS complicated by prolonged mechanical ventilation followed by 2 months of tracheostomy dependence with subsequent decannulation, HTN, critical illness myopathy, HIT, DVT on Eliquis and obesity (BMI 35) presented to our ED 3 months post-decannulation with insidious onset dyspnea and stridor. Neck CT showing circumferential tracheal stenosis (6.5mm opening) at level of thoracic inlet requiring CO2 laser incisions and serial balloon dilation. We will discuss our airway management utilizing a supraglottic airway, and anesthetic considerations with focus on potential airway complications associated with tracheal stenosis and endotracheal surgery.


American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 21-25, 2022.