Application of Virtual Reality for the Reduction of Pre-Operative Childhood Anxiety: A Pre-Operative Virtual Tour

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Preoperative anxiety is correlated with increased requirements of anesthetic/anxiolytics and augmented pain during the postoperative period. The aim of this quality improvement project was to implement a virtual reality (VR) tour to reduce preoperative anxiety in the pediatric population. The VR tour encompasses Beaumont’s Children’s Center for Surgery and simulation of anesthetic induction such that the patients know what to expect on the day of surgery. Experiences from prior patients guided the making of the VR-tour. The project incorporated the Plan-Do-Study-Act model and employed pre/post-implementation evaluations. VR is an intervention that may reduce anxiety to improve the patient’s perioperative experience.


American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, October 8-12, 2021.